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 User Guide To Skype

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PostSubject: User Guide To Skype   Thu Oct 13, 2011 10:11 pm

Skype is a very popular software that allows its users to hold video and audio conversations with their contacts. There are many key features of Skype, a few of these are listed below:

Like a Star @ heaven Contact users through instant messaging as well as video/audio chat
Like a Star @ heaven Users can hold calls without video
Like a Star @ heaven File sharing between contact
Like a Star @ heaven Group text chat can be held
Like a Star @ heaven Screen sharing*
Like a Star @ heaven Conference calls (multiple audio calls, no video)

*Screen sharing is a method in which users can send their screen to the other user. So instead of the other contact seeing you, they will see what you can see on your own screen.

Exclamation There are however some features of Skype that users must pay for (Skype Premium and Skype Credits) Exclamation

Skype Credits can be purchased and used for:
Like a Star @ heaven Calling landline/mobile numbers from Skype
Like a Star @ heaven Send a text to someone
Like a Star @ heaven Call forwarding (Someone calls your skype account, your not there, call is forwarded to selected mobile/telephone number)

Skype Premium features are:
Like a Star @ heaven Group video calls (Hold a video call with more than one person at a time)
Like a Star @ heaven Group screen sharing
Like a Star @ heaven Live chat customer support

It can be seen by the list of features above that there are a lot of reasons why Skype has become popular. I myself have used Skype for around a year and have found that it is very useful. However I only use the free version of Skype and find that it is a bit annoying that I cannot hold group video chats. Other than that I believe that Skype is a very clear, simple to use piece of software.

The Skype window has 7 options in the menu at the top. These are very important as they allow you to access all parts of the software. These are: Skype, Contacts, Conversation, Call, View, Tools and Help
(Click on the bold text to drop down the guides)


Click Here To See The Download Guide
Question Question Question
If you have any more questions or feedback on this guide, feel free to post here!

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User Guide To Skype

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